Gulf of Lava

You are on vacation! The villa for rent in Corsica is located on the seafront, masks, snorkels & flippers are your best allies! Discover fish, octopus and sea star swimming above sand! Find out more along the rocky coast to the south and north, where many species are hiding. Find the underwater arches along the rocky coast north!

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Also remember to take your fishing poles if you are an amateur: the beach, the rocky coast or at sea, there’s plenty to do!

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Diving: The Banc Provençal

“Few frequented by tourists and diving clubs, the Gulf of Lava has many strengths. Sauvage, Banc Provençal is one of the best diving in Corsica, if not the best, although it is reserved for experienced divers, it seems to contain in itself all the fauna and the Mediterranean flora “

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  • Pelusella tower at the northern end of the Gulf – 1:30 to / locate the remains of the base of the Genoese tower in a particularly spectacular setting that is worth trying! Follow the small path a bit steep and discover the Gulf of Lava, located away from main roads, a unique point of view!

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  • Mount Gozzi – 3 hours
  • The cascade of English 1 hour drive – 30 minutes Walking
  • Lake Creno, the Paglia Orba, the Needles of Bavella
  • Why not a piece of the famous GR20 starting from the collar of Vizzavona Vergiu or with a night in a refuge or camp

Don’t miss it!

  • The Sanguinaires Islands features by their austere and hostile appearance, the four islands are a protected maritime site haven for sea birds and a nature reserve for a rich flora of rare and endemic species.

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  • Scandola Nature Reserve and the Creeks of Piana entered the heritage of mankind, to the land and the sea
  • Ajaccio: Explore Napoleon’s hometown – its port, its market day and night (Friday).
  • Vizzavona: located 1 hour drive from the Gulf of Lava, Vizzavona is known to hikers as the midpoint of the hiking trail of Corsica, the GR 20. Served by Trinighellu (the “toy train” in Corsican) and the route Ajaccio – Bastia, it may be the point of arrival or departure of the hike for those who do not wish to complete the course from start to finish. It is also the starting point for the ascent of Monte d’Oro (2389 m), or for the less adventurous, the visit to the “Cascade des Anglais” (1112 m), located just au over the bridge on the torrent Agnone.

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Follow the news of the Island of Beauty on Corse Matin.

Corsican Products:

Remember to try and discover the Corsican products!

La charcuterie Corse

Corsican charcuterie respects traditions and recipes. The deli is prepared on the island – an indispensable condition of the appellation Corsican charcuterie. Following the raising of mountains, it is renowned for the quality of its meats. From local breed or crosses, pigs eat acorns and chestnuts in the forest. At slaughter, 18 months, they weigh 100-120 kilograms. Smoked (Haute-Corse) or not (Southern Corsica), this jewel of gastronomy Corsica is still handmade.

 charcuterie corse coppa produits terroir
COPPA:  coppa takes care longer and gets better. Smooth, soft, it puts forward nutty buttons while keeping an aromatic complexity.
 charcuterie corse figatelli produits terroir
Figatelli: figatellu, U-shaped, is consumed quickly (maximum 25 days). Dry, it is aperitif. Fresh it is grilled over a wood fire.
 charcuterie corse prizuttu produits terroir
HAM – Prisuttu: dry, raw, sweet, prisuttu, with its nutty taste, is an exceptional ham. Smoked after salting, it rests 12 to 18 months under surveillance.
 charcuterie corse lonzu produits terroir
LONZO: the lonzo, smoked and aged in cellar, is manufactured from pork fillets. Flexible and soft, it is ideal as an aperitif. And improves with age.
 charcuterie corse panzetta produits terroir
Panzetta: pancetta, smoked pork belly, is a basic ingredient of Corsican cuisine. A embers in the fireplace or in a sauce, she knows everything.
 charcuterie corse saucisson produits terroir
SAUSAGE: wild boar sausage, Salsiccia (sausage), salami (rosette) or farmer sausage: Corsican sausage is a classic island cuisine.
 charcuterie corse terrines et pates produits terroir
ERRINES AND PÂTÉS: campaign, head of figatellu, liver, pork, boar, pigeon, starling, quail … At prisuttu, chestnut, brocciu, myrtle.


Cheese Corsica

There is not the brocciu in life! Admittedly, this fresh white cheese remains the star of island cheese, and is used in many Corsican specialties. But the island’s cheese plate conceals so many flavors …
Corsican sheep and goats are raised and feed in the mountains. This gives food its authentic Corsican cheeses. Hard Cheese or soft, they are patiently matured (often more than six months) in accordance with traditional craftsmanship.

 fromage corse brocciu produits terroir
Brocciu: mixture of whey and whole milk from sheep or goat, brocciu is eaten fresh, very fresh.
 fromage corse brebis produits terroir
BREBIS CORSE : sweet or tasty bite? Not to decide, the plate of Corsican cheeses provides all kinds of sheep. More than a tradition: a standard.
 fromage corse chevre corse produits terroir
CHEVRE CORSE : all the flavors of the Corsican mountains in these cheeses and Tomme goat, sweet or goûtus, fresh or refined.


Honeys and Jams

The incomparable fragrance of the maquis and island flora gives its flavor to Corsican honey, recognized and protected by an AOC. Spring, summer or fall, the Corsican honeys offer unique flavors as honey from the chestnut. Corsica also produces a lot of organic honey.
Renowned for its fragrant and sun-ripened fruits, the Corsican tradition also draws many jams. The classic of classics? Fig jam.

 miel corse produits terroir
HONEY AOC CORSE : Spring, summer or fall, the maquis or chestnut: Corsican honey has an authentic local flavor.
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JAM CORSES : Fresh or preserved, Corsican fruits also make excellent jams: chestnut or arbutus, citrus and fig.



Discover Corsican beers such as Serena, Pietra flavored with chestnut or Colomba with flavors of myrtle and arbutus! Taste also the Cap Corse, the Corsican wines (white, rosé and red) or myrtle liqueurs, citron or chestnut!

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Be tempted by the classic Corse: the fiadone, brocciu cake and lemon. But the Corsican fritters (fritelli), amaretti (biscuits), nougat hazelnut, the canistrons (brioche biscuits) and other finucchjetti also earned their stripes. Is it still necessary to present the canistrelli? Biscuit dry all the flavors of the rainbow sky, it is ideal with coffee or as a snack at any time of the day.

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